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Originally Posted by natalief View Post
"Wow - £2.99 in the UK when the videos are available free on the web? I think not! If it was free…"

If it was free or 59p then I would use it.
I'm not sure what the currency exchange is ... perhaps it is more expensive in the UK than it is in North America, but you have to remember that it's only a one time fee to purchase and download the application. Once you've downloaded it, you have it to use as a resource as often as you like.

Applications like this time and money to create and maintain ... they can't all be offered for free. In my experience, when you pay a few dollars for an app you end up with a way better product than those that you're able to get for free.

In my opinion it's worth it, but everyone is different ... and it depends on how much you're going to end up using the product, too.
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