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newbie knitter: Can I 'rip off' several rows from the cast on point?
Basically, I created a nice hat (k2,p2 rib, moving into stockinette), with a ribbed brim which is way to long. I wanted to be able to fold up the brim so erred on the side of making it longer. Well, I erred too much and now that the hat is complete, when I fold up the brim it basically covers most of the stockinette and goes up to the top of my head. Looks a little ridiculus.

So...I was wondering if it is possible to untie my cast on slip know, rip out about 1 1/2" of ribbing, use a crochet hook to somehow link the row of stitches back into the rest of the hat and then call it a day.

Thanks! This was my first project, so I reckon next time I will follow some directions!

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