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I'm so excited to hear back from all of you. My mother confirmed it today that she did get me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure what I need help with because i have no idea where to start or what I'm doing! My knowledge base is ZERO, I'm truly starting from scratch. The things I'm interested in making are cloths, and I think quilting is wonderful. I also want to be resourceful and be able to make curtains and cushions and I'd love to know how to do alterations. The classes sound good but I'm Canadian and I don't think we have that store here. I have three friends that all know how to sew so hopefully they would be able to help me along but id like to get started by myself first. So maybe I'll start with little cushions? What do you all think Thank you again for your replies! It's amazing to find what I need in this forum that I'm already totally comfortable with! Too bad there isn't a sewing forum. OH! And while I have your attention. I knitted a slouchy hat recently that has a double thick ribbed cuff to go around your head. I know it's supposed to be big but it's way to big. Could I use a sewing machine to sew off a section then cut it? So that I could sew it back together for a tighter fit??? Thanks gals!
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