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Baby Vest
Knitting my first sweater/vest for new babe due in March. It's the Pebble found on the thrify knitter found here:

I have a question regarding the buttonhole rows.

All right side rows (even rows) are to be worked Sl1, K to end

All wrong side rows (odd rows) are to be worked Sl1, K4, P33, K6, P33, K3

All buttonhole rows you are supposed to subsititute Sl1, K2Tog, YO for the first 3 sts of the buttonhole row.

My questions pertains to the buttonhole rows which also happen to be an odd row, like row 17. If I am to substitute a Sl1, K2Tog, YO for the first 3 sts, would I then work the rest of the row as if it were a regular odd row?? Just not sure what to do once I work those first 3 sts on the buttonhole rows.

I will attach a pdf of the section I am having trouble with. Thanks!
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