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Originally Posted by selmaf View Post
Earflaps (make2) with A,cast on 3 sts. Work in k1, p1 Rib until piece measures 8 in.(20.5cm) from beginning, end with a WS row.
Row 1 (RS): K1, (k1,p1,k1) into next st, k1-5 sts.

how do u do that row 1 instruction ? thanks
Knit one, then do a double increase in the center stitch, then knit the last. It's where the cord part of the earflap widens to make the ear part. Knit the stitch, but don't take it off the left needle. Bring the yarn forward and purl it, but don't take it off, then put the yarn back, knit it and take it off as you normally would. If you can watch videos, there's one on this site.
If you don't like the way that increase looks, you can use another.
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