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I do way more crocheting then knitting, and I make a ton of hats, lol. Not sure what your pattern looks like, but when I make hats, they do start out kinda pancake shape (flat) for the first few inches, even when I make tote bags, but once you stop increasing they get the right shape, well the beanies I make anyway. It threw me off at first too when they were that shape but I kept going and eventually they started looking more like hats.

One thing I notice, when I make bags (which have a hat like shape but bigger) is I sometimes end up with extra stitches. I admit I'm kinda lazy sometimes and don't feel like counting when each row has 100+ stitches, but usually if they start looking like they are still increasing when they shouldn't I'll skip the last stitch and first stitch of the next row. With hats counting isn't such a pain cause it's smaller. Sometimes it's easy to get confused on the where to end and begin the next row and that's what usually causes me to end up with extra.
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