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Originally Posted by mar4321 View Post
I am currently starting an afghan. I have made it before but along time ago. This is the instruction that I am having trouble with.
(sl 1 wyib, k 1, yo, psso the k st and yo st) twice . Any help would be appreciated.
Let me see if I can help while we wait for an expert.

- sl 1 wyib,
With the yarn in back (wyib) slip 1 stitch for the left to right needle.
- K1
Knit one stitch

- yo (see help videos for more information on YO look at the bottom of the page.

Yarn over - warp yarn around the needle as if you had knit a stitch

- psso K st and yo st
pass slipped stitch over (PSSO) both the knit stitch and the yarn over stitch. Insert your left needle under the passed over stitch and lift it up - over the next two stitches on your right needle (the knit and yo stitch) and off the needle.

- twice
repeat the above steps for a total of two times.

This is my take on these steps.

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