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How to 1. bind-off, 2. 2. sew up 3. weave on flat knitted hat. 4. How to sew on "knitted by" patch?
I apologize if these have been asked already, I am in a crunch for time and am still looking for the answers while posting this.

I knitted a hat flat:

and now need to bind off and finish up.

1. How should I bind off? It says to bind off in knit or purl but I can't tell what it is. Front one side it looks like purl from the other knit, and no I can't tell what side it is. :/

2. I use the tail to sew up the seams and put the 2 sides of the hat together correct?

3. How should I weave in the tail? Should I just go around the top of the hat or something.

4. Lastly I have one of those "knitted by" patches I want to put on the inside of the hat. Any special technique for putting it on?

Thank you!
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