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Series 400 Knitting Daily
This is a great Series! It has a lot of BASICS! I've knit for a long time, but BASICS are still a favorite subject for me. You still pick up on how to improve what you've been doing! And maybe been doin' the hard way!

Anyway, IMHO, outstanding features on Series 400:

1) LILY CHIN demonstrated how knitting machines 'work'! She demo'd numerous techniques, too.

2) LINDA CORTWRIGHT demonstrated how dang easy it is to 'card' wool straight off the animal's back! Directly from there to making yarn!

3) KARIN SKACEL demonstrated the steps in Art Felting! What seemed mysterious and complicated is boiled down into a few easy steps!

4) EUNNY JANG demo'd numerous ways to seam! Great teacher that darlin' gal!

5) KRISTIN OMDAHL (crochet expert) demonstrated an alternative to your starting chain which has no stretch whatsoever. She showed us how to start our crochet using the flexible 'foundation single crochet' as a beginning edge.
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