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Sea Lettuce scarf - I need help too please!
Warning: I'm more of a crocheter than a knitter, so I'm still learning some knitting techniques. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I'm trying Lucy Neatby's Sea Lettuce scarf pattern, but I'm confused. I started the short row wedges with the knitted cast-on & have completed them 4 times per the instructions. Now it's saying to knit 10 more sts across the cast-on edge......but how? There are no live stitches there, so am I supposed to pick them up somehow? Should I have used the provisional crochet cast-on instead (if yes, then why is the knitted-cast on included in the instructions?)?

I just noticed that the beginning of SCARF ONE says to knit 2 rows with Main yarn. So, I should have knitted 2 rows, THEN started the short row wedges?

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