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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
I ADORE interweave mag. I get an online email each and every day, and drool over everything.

If I weren't so durned afraid to order things online we would be in the poorhouse, cuz I love SO MUCH of all they have to offer - the prettiest patterns I've ever seen.

Have you ordered and received any printed material or DVD's from them, artlady?

and I do so love watching and listening to, and learning from Eunny Jang. She's a darling person.
I have purchased directly from Interweave! Recently, too! I'm feeling my age today...I can't remember what it was...oh now I remember! Doh. "KNITTING FROM THE TOP DOWN" by Wendy Bernard. I even mis-ordered by accident...putting 2 in my shopping cart and PAYING for two...what WAS I THINKING!!! Anyway, too late to change the order I messaged them (Interweave) about my boo-boo....and received a nice note the next business day saying "No problems! We rectified your order for 1 DVD ONLY, and you be charged for one only."

So my huge error, totally my own carelessness, was taken care of quickly and graciously!

I bought my full set of KNITTING DAILY DVD's from our own KNITTING HELP "shop"! Sheldon and Amy had all 5 series! (100, 200, 300, 400, 500)

It's the best money I've ever invested in 'learning'! I watch them for hours as I knit. I can replay certain segments 10 times if I'm particularly thick-headed that day (or, night!)

So don't hesitate to get a set for yourself! Please believe me....they are worth every cent. I don't say that lightly. I hate wasting money on 'classes' that are poorly taught, or poorly organized.

These KNITTING DAILY DVD's are a class act! I'm taking them on vacation to the mountains with me next summer, using my DVD player. Better than aimless MOVIE watching!
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