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repair double pointed knitting needles?
Hi there,
Yes, it is me again,lol I have some double pointed knitting needles that I have managed to rub the paint off of and now when I knit with them my stitches do not slide off easy like they are suppose to and it sounds like they make a squeaking noise when I am in the process of making a stitch.
I knit tightly, havent learned to relax while knitting yet. So is there any way to fix this problem? I really hate to go out and buy more needles when the same thing is going to happen to them as well until I get the hang of what I am doing.
A very long time ago, I read some where you can put clear nail polish on them but I cant find that article now. Thanks in advance.

Well I ran across this site and it says to help you needle move easily when sewing in ends run it through your hair. The natural oil is suppose to be good for needles so I will tyr this. Still want to hear your advice though!

This website has tons of knitting tips!

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