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dropping a whole row at once and putting it back on?
I'm doing a very simple garter stitch scarf, and practicing ways to hold the needle. I'm going to have to go back at least a row or two, since it looks like when I pulled the needle out a little, the stitches went back on the wrong way. Is this it? Or did I turn the needle the wrong way when I was trying to "snag" the thread? (I was admittedly trying to hold the needle differently, and would just like to know what I did wrong.) There are no gaps, no drops (at least, there are no "ladders"), and no slipped stitches. When I've dropped a whole row (or more) before and redone it, it doesn't look twisted.

I did searches for about 10 things before I posted, btw, and all of them came back with irrelevant returns. I don't know what to search for. Twist comes back with cable instructions, for instance. Slip, stitch, fall, and pull come back in so many results as to be impossible to sift through, and I did read an entry or two about redoing a row; however it was about DPNs and I'm knitting flat.

Also my right ring finger feels like a riot is going on between the bones and the tendons; maybe I'm developing a muscle but it feels very painful, sore and achy. I'm holding the needle WRONG and I don't know how to do it right. I can't keep the thread at ALL tight if I use the flick stitch, (putting it on my forefinger?) and I invariably end up supporting the needle with my ring finger and pinky if I try "throwing" (I think that's what it is, when I use the thumb/forefinger to push the thread up).

All I want is to get started again.
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