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Turning the Heel
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Originally Posted by HSRCampbell View Post
I'm doing a very simple garter stitch scarf, and practicing ways to hold the needle. I'm going to have to go back at least a row or two, since it looks like when I pulled the needle out a little, the stitches went back on the wrong way. Is this it? Or did I turn the needle the wrong way when I was trying to "snag" the thread? (I was admittedly trying to hold the needle differently, and would just like to know what I did wrong.) There are no gaps, no drops (at least, there are no "ladders"), and no slipped stitches. When I've dropped a whole row (or more) before and redone it, it doesn't look twisted.

When you re-inserted your needle some of the stitches may have been twisted the wrong way. There is a video here that shows you how to recognize when your stitches are not oriented properly, and how to fix them. There are also some good tips on fixing other mistakes as well.
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