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Help with double knit fingerless mittens
So some of you know, I'm a scarf girl. BUT! i started doing gloves and all that. im still sort of new to certain concepts like sewing side seams and what not. my problem is that i am trying to make fingerless mittens (not convertible) with a certain image. my attempt (after knitting five years) and this russian friend of mine's first attempt at knitting in general was drastic and i need help figuring out how she did this hah. the first one is mine, the second is hers

she said that she did it on dpns and double knit the body of the mitten .. i was looking at it, and i cant figure out how i would make the thumb gusset and thumb while working with the double knitting, or how to join a new color in mid way through working in double .. you can see that in mine its all bunched up because i used the fair isle method.

im so mad this is the first thing she knit btw /.. haha.. she is awesome.

she gave me the pattern she used, but it was in russian and google translate did not work. i dont want to do it on dpns, i do my mittens on straight needles and sew the side seam so i get more practice doing that (plus dpns drive me crazy) but i figured the concept would be the same anyway when it comes to getting that sideways medic symbol on the top. im fairly new to double knitting as well but i think i got the basic idea down. just dont know how i would do what she did minus the fingers and convertible part

please please help!!
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