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Originally Posted by Sknitter56 View Post
Her shawls are absolutely gorgeous and you can pull a full sized shawl through a wedding joke!
Wow!! That sounds awesome... I'd love to see her work.

Yeah, I tried to start my own group at my house with people I knew and put a shout-out to all of my FB friends. The only replies I got were from my step-sisters. They came over one day and when one of them found out she couldn't knit a blanket with novelty yarn (on her first day of knitting), she gave up and never came back. So that didn't work out.

I wouldn't mind starting a group with strangers, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a good public spot to host in. I was reading in the SnB that it should be a non-crowded cafe-type that doesn't mind if you take up chairs and nurse a drink all night. The only "cafes" we have in town are Barnes & Noble which is ALWAYS PACKED and Panera Bread which is ALSO always packed.
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