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Pattern Help!
I am knitting Sirdar Denhim Ultra Pattern: 8325 and am doing the left front

Shape Neck & Collar

1st Row K29, K2tog, pick up loop between last & next stitch and work into back of this loop (this will now be referred to as M1), p2.
2nd Row K3, P30
3rd row K28, k2tog, M1, P3
4th Row K4, P29
5th Row K27, K2tog, M1, P4
6th Row K5, P28
this next bit is the problem for me as I am not sure what to do

"Working 1 st less before K2tog, and 1st more in reversed st-st in collar, work 21 rows dec and inc as before in next and every foll alt row"

Can you please help?
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