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Originally Posted by cvawter44 View Post
This sounds like a lot of fun and I can say that it is something I have never done for New Year's before.
Come and join the crazy knitters. We will have a blast!

Originally Posted by dddebbb3 View Post
Cool prizes - none of them are in my library YET! Thanks for inviting us all to your party.
Nice! I hope you win a prize!

Originally Posted by HillbillyKnits View Post
Well, my wife will more than likely want to spend time together, so I may be able to come online. If not, I will try my hand at that cozy. However, I'm still a newbie and that chart looks quite scary since I don't know how to add a new color or a new skein/ball of yarn just yet. Hope I'll still be allowed to join the fun!
You'll get lots of help here if you need it. Just work on the cozy during the party, or start on it now, and post questions about the colorwork in the KH Forum's "How To" section.

If you prefer to keep the project simpler, you can knit the entire cozy in one color, and add the words and images with duplicate stitch later.

Oh....and of COURSE you can still join the party!

Originally Posted by innature View Post
I look forward to joining the party Friday night! Krista
Fun, Krista! I'm looking forward to our party, too.

Originally Posted by jbarr5 View Post
and many more months of knitting to all :}

Originally Posted by lelvsdgs View Post
Count me in! I always look forward to this and I'll be home this year! And I love the pattern for this year!
Thanks, my friend! I hope you win a prize again this year!

Originally Posted by knitpurlgurl View Post
How exciting! I don't have any plans as of yet. Right now, looks like hubby & I will be home with the kidlets! I hope I can join y'all!!!
I hope you can be here too!

Originally Posted by knittingfor7 View Post
aww..sounds like fun! I wasnt even going to bother staying up-but now am :O) I would love to spend time with other knitters and possibly win something! Cant beat that!!! Thanks! Amanda
So glad you will be joining us, Amanda!

Originally Posted by Rennagayle View Post
Count me in, this sounds like a lot of fun!
It will be great to have you in our party!

Originally Posted by angelscakes198 View Post
I would love to participate in the party ,but will be celebrating with my husband! I hope you all have a wonderful time and a blessed and prosperous New Year!
I hope your evening with your husband goes well. We will knit a stitch in your honor.

Originally Posted by bonzai2u2 View Post
Sounds like fun, but for the first time in about 12 years the hubby and I will be out with friends!! yay. Love the prizes tho. What a cool idea. My heart will be with all you lovely knitters as I tear up the town
Have fun! and Happy 2011!

Originally Posted by Betty613 View Post
Hi I plan on joining in on the fun, a good year is ahead!

Originally Posted by kcrystina View Post
I was planning on making New Years Eve a CSI (the original) marathon for myself, as it'll just be me... but this sounds like more fun! lol I don't think I have it in me to do the cozy pattern, but I'll be working on one of my projects - hope that's ok! Look forward to this party, will definitely be a much better way to bring in the New Year than I have other years lol
Of course it's okay to knit WHATEVER you want. Freedom to the knitters!
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