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Help with Raglan Sweater Pattern
I need some pattern help. I'm knitting a top down raglan sweater from the blue alvarez webpage - purple sweater DIY pattern. Here is the link:

I'm having trouble figuring out the increases at the yoke. I'm making a med size sweater and it says to CO 60 stitches and knit 3 rounds straight, which was fine. Then I divided up the stitches with markers for the front, back, and arms:

knit 10, place marker, knit 20, place marker, knit 10, place maker, knit 20

Then it said to do the following 2 row pattern and repeat it 25 times:

Round 1: Knit round in stockingnet stitch but yarn over one stitch before and one stitch after every marker (8 increase stitches)
Round 2: Knit straight

Then it said to to the following 2 round pattern once with no repeats:

Round 1: Knit from beginning of round to first marker, slip marker, K1, yo, knit to 1 before second marker, yo, k1, slip marker, knit to third marker, slip marker, k1, yo, knit to 1 before end of round, yo, knit 1.
Round 2: knit in stockingnet stitch.

I should now have 260 stitches on my needles and 54 rows completed. My trouble is, I can't see how this math works out to 260 stitches.

60 CO stitches plus 208 increase stitches (26 increase rounds at 8 increase stitches per round) plus another 4 increase stitches from the second pattern increase round comes to 272 stitches. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks for your help guys.

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