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Originally Posted by sherhinkable View Post
, I just joined the group. I enjoy it very much. I would like to attend the party. Thank you very much. Sher
Hi Sher! Welcome to the party!

Originally Posted by CRowland View Post
I'm relatively new here, but I'd like to attend too! Thanks so much
Welcome, welcome!

Originally Posted by mailgirl View Post
What cute project! I am going to try and attend!
Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you here.

Originally Posted by mks22300 View Post
Not sure if I can stay awake to ring in the New Year, but if I can I might stop by, sounds like fun!
I hope you can make it!

Originally Posted by pkenn View Post
Sounds like a good way to celebrate.
It is! You can stay warm at home, and talk to people who like the same hobby. Can't beat it!

Originally Posted by CognizantAmiga View Post
Sounds like a great way to celebrate. I think the only thing happening at our house for sure is Rotel dip and cream soda! I will try to be here too! Cute cozy.
Thanks! I'm gonna use my cozy to keep my hands warm, while drinking a Mocha Frappacino. (My local Starbucks has a drivethru!)

Originally Posted by dawn1838 View Post
Thanks for the invitation. This is a wonderful idea! I plan on being there around 11:30 EST.
Excellent! Thanks for joining in!

Originally Posted by Ellieblue View Post
Looking forward to the party. Too bad we don't have the chat room to meet. Will this be in the Lounge or here?
The party will be RIGHT HERE in this discussion thread.
Makes things easier for me to keep up with actually. Our first party was in a chatroom, and it was impossible for me to step away for a snack, or go to the bathroom. Since I'll be hosting the event for over 4 hours, the forum is the best place.
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