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Hey everyone!

Happy New Year

I think I'm doing this all wrong, next year I'll go to bed early and get up at 5am to celebrate with the rest of you! Its not like there is anything on TV new years eve anyway.

Looks like you had a great time, sorry I couldn't stay up that long! I had a lovely time for as long as I could stay up though. Thanks Sandy for hosting it!

I've just finished my new year's pattern, needs casting off. I've got in progress pics and will take some finished ones to put on my blog, whether they make it to the blog will depend on whether I can locate the card reader. Otherwise Blackberry pics may have to do!

I did no Christmas knitting, the last 4 months have been absolutely crazy - I'm not anticipating a let up, but hopefully I will enjoy the craziness of it all a bit more this year.

Well I still have 1000 words of essay to do and some citations to put in where I couldn't be bothered to look them up last night and just put (???) - at least I know where they go.

Thanks again for a lovely New Years!
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