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Great start to the New Year...

I just wanted to thank Sandy publicly for hosting such a great party with such wonderful prizes!

I won the Paton's Little Princess book! The funny thing about this is that I have absolutely no baby girls to knit for either in the family or for friends. All our new arrivals have been guys and no new ones are expected! LOL I hope this book doesn't prompt a flood of new babies in the family - my daughter's-in-law would lynch me!!!!!!!!

But it occurred to me that there are lots of baby girls out there who would benefit from having something hand-knit especially for them. We have several hospitals here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Baltimore, which is our closest biggest city, has many huge hospitals, including Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland.

So winning this book inspired me to plan to knit up some pretty projects especially for little ones who might need them, even if I don't know them personally!

Thanks, Sandy, and thanks everyone for being on this great forum.

Happy New Year to all,

In progress - designing, knitting and writing a knitting book, "Design Your Own Gourmet Kitchen Cloths and Accessories".
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