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Originally Posted by vthunstrom View Post
I fell asleep in the recliner shortly after my last post. Lap top, knitting and all. Thanks everyone for all the tips. I will definitely be back here again! What fun! Happy 2011!!
I bet you wondered what was going on when you woke up!

Thanks for joining the party last night. It was fun talking to you!

Originally Posted by rachejm View Post
I've put the project information up on Ravelry, complete with pics. It looks like I've done the whole pattern in white but its actually pastel colours they just didn't photograph well.
Gosh, I hate when a photo does that with my projects. I'll be SO PROUD of my work, and the photo I take just doesn't show it well at all. Ugh!

Originally Posted by RuthieinMaryland View Post
I just wanted to thank Sandy publicly for hosting such a great party with such wonderful prizes!
Glad you enjoyed the party as much as I did!

Originally Posted by RuthieinMaryland View Post
I won the Paton's Little Princess book! The funny thing about this is that I have absolutely no baby girls to knit for.....But it occurred to me that there are lots of baby girls out there who would benefit from having something hand-knit especially for them.
So winning this book inspired me to plan to knit up some pretty projects especially for little ones who might need them, even if I don't know them personally!
Great plan! I do a lot of charity knitting myself, so I'm behind you 100%. It's SO satisfying making things for people who really appreciate them!
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