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Oh! ...okay, I think i understand it now! thank you for all the help!

Since I'm on here, I guess I'll ask the LAST questions for this pattern, then it'll be done-and I can be proud of knitting something that doesn't have 4 sides! YAY!

My LAST questions for this project are:

~When sewing the seams of a project; you use yarn, not thread, right? Do you need a special kind or can I just use the same stuff I made the mitt out of (A 4ply, worsted weight, 100% cotton) so it'll match?
~When a pattern says "picking up remaining sts..." do you just slide the visable loops onto a needle, until you have the number you need?
~What does "S" mean (ex. K1. S11. K1. S11...)?
~what does "psso" mean, and how do you do it?
~when this project is done you have the option of adding a "hanging loop". But you make it by crocheting, and I've never crocheted. Is this easy to do? Or should I not bother with that part because it's difficult? ...but thenagain I don't think I even have a crochet hook....
~Is there no way in knitting to make a chain like if you were to crochet one? OR does anyone have ideas for what I could do instead of the crochet chain, that'd give me a "hanging loop"?
*the link to this project's pattern is above.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through this pattern, and given me the knowlege and confidence, to finish this project. Well, thanks to you all, I know a LOT more about knitting than I did when I started this project. Thank You!!!
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