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And I thought I was done with the questions for this pattern!

But, I seem to have found another part of the pattern that I'm unsure of.

Next row: (K2tog) 5 times. 5 sts. Break yarn leaving a long end. Thread through rem sts. Draw up tightly and fasten securely. Sew thumb seam.
With RS of Mitt facing, join yarn to rem sts. Pick up and knit 2 sts under thumb. Knit to end of row.

Next row: Knit, knitting tog the 2 sts picked up under thumb. 36 sts.
Knit 16 rows even.
When they say "break yarn..." are they talking about the end that I've been knitting with this whole time? And, if so, how do I "join yarn to remaining sts..." how do I do that?
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