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Originally Posted by MindySue19 View Post
When they say "break yarn..." are they talking about the end that I've been knitting with this whole time? And, if so, how do I "join yarn to remaining sts..." how do I do that?
To break the yarn, you just stop knitting with that yarn, and cut it about 5 inches from the piece you are knitting. Leave that end hanging, and you will weave it in later.

To join yarn, you just start knitting with a new strand of yarn. I usually start knitting about 4 or 5 inches from the end, and knit with both the yarn and the tail for a couple stitches. Then, I will drop the tail, and leave it hanging until the project is complete...then I'll weave it in, along with the rest of the yarn ends.

Lots of times, a knitted project will look "hairy" with all those yarn ends hanging, but they all get worked in eventually.
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