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No worries...
Originally Posted by TrueIconoclast View Post

Also, I know I've been posting a lot of threads and asking a lot of questions. I hope I haven't been over-doing it. (P.S. - I also ran a search through the forums to see if anyone had posted this before me, I didn't find any recent ones, but I'm sorry if this question is redundant.)
Never apologize for posting new threads, Silly! It's a forum. GO FOR IT. Besides, it gives me new posts to read.

I do English and have no desire to learn the other method. I can't think of how it would be beneficial to just confuse myself further. ha But if you're curious, give it a shot. You can always change your mind later, and go back to the RIGHT WAY. heh heh J/K
Life's too short to knit with scratchy yarn.

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