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Thanks Jan! That is good to know. I guess that means that I am a "Continental" knitter-for now. but if it's good to know both then I think I'll give that a chance. Maybe I could add it to a project I started a few days into learning to knit, too!

My Gramma's here from Ont for 6 wks (for the holiday season). This is how knitting came into my life. I've never had an extremely close bond with her as I did/do my faternal G-ma. I wanted to forge one seeing as we're not to have too much more time with her :( ... So I tried to take intrest in something she LOVES, as I do now, as well.

But as she'd teach me something new, I'd practice 'til I "got" it, then undo it & learn something new.

She had an idea how to make SOMETHING while learning new things. Such as; basics (ex. knit, purl, yfd...) & stitches (ex. garter, stokinette, seed...) even diff stitch patterns (ex. stokinette <aka.*1 row K, 1 row P...repeat>, 2x2 & 4x4 Ribs, basket weave... ) and GAUGES (ex. by playing w/diff sizes of needles & yarn).

I was NOT to "frog" (?) my work, but instead I was to BO & save it. BUT these were to be CLOSE to the same LENGTH as possible. Since I was JUST (3 days) learning to knit, making them equal widths was near impossible! Then She explained what we were going to do with them & taught me how to "patchwork"! ...w/KNITTING!!!

She had the idea for me to do this so I'd have a reminder of how far I'd come, the various things I'd learned, & maybe save it as a "keepsake". ...For MANY reasons it IS NOT going to be a great-looking blanket by ANYONE'S standards (it was made with diff types, weights, colors, & textures of yarn!). So I used everone's "scrap" yarn. My G-ma gave me some, my mom gave me a lil, and a friend of mine gave me TONS! ...Like, AT LEAST, 30 Skiens!!!

*As she always does, she WISELY said to me not to waste my money on yarn when your just starting out! Save that for when you make your first project from a pattern! ...besides you'll be spending plenty of $ on needles, as most do when they first start out! Different: ~sizes (mms), ~lengths, ~materials (wood,metal, plastic...), ~DPN's, ~circulars, ~etc... ~EVEN Brands!

But, it WILL have TONS of sentimental value! ...little does she know that I'm making it FOR HER! I <3 her to pieces & it'll remind her of all the MANY hours! ...No, DAYS! ...No, WEEKS! Yup, that's it! ...many, Many, MANY WEEKS of time I put into it (most of it WITH her!).

Plus, I figure it will bring her comfort as she begins to deteriorate even more rapidly. Since I cannot be there with her all the time, she can feel like she's getting a great big hug from me just by wrapping it 'round her! 'Cause I'm REALLY gonna miss her when she flys home next week! :'(

Anyhooo... I just thought I'd through that out there. Not only is it a nice story, but it helped build an, EVEN MORE, beautiful relationship between the two of us! PLUS, I think It'd be a GREAT project for a learner! My Gramma calls mine "Mindy's Practice Blanket"!

All you do is: when learning something new, just keep doing it until it's "burned" in your brain! BO. Put it away in a shoe box. Decide on a length (something semi-short is best, if you need MORE practice for that st or W/E ur learning more than 1!), Make all ur "learning squares" approx the same length. Once you have a bunch of them-sew them together! In strips, though. Since they're the same length, the length'll make up the "sides" of the rows. When it's a good length, just stop. Put that one away. And begin again. Repeat, until you have enough to reach the width you want (to check, just put columns side by side), then sew the columns tog. and TA-DA! A blankie! Not a very pretty one, but it'll be fun to look at after 30-40 years of knitting, you can always look back at what your knitting looked like when u first began!

Oh! & Jan? Do the knits look diff? Or is it STRICTLY how u hold ur yarn, that's the ONLY diff.?

...Just Curious. ...Good thing I'm not a cat!
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