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Shawl Questions
Okay this may sound like a stupid question (even no question is a stupid question, teehee.) Anyways, with the weather being cold and I for once am feeling the coldness.

Anyways onto the question. I am seeing these shawls with the middles, and than borders mention. I am a lil lost are the shawls knitted into two pieces and seamed in the middle or knitted to look like they were done in two pieces.

And the boards, is that the flat part of the shawl (where it goes around the neck. Or is that along all three sides?

I am trying to understand the charts I get that you go from the bottom right side and go from right to left and left to right. But its the middle and borders that are confusing me just reading the charts or even the directions.

Hope someone can help answer this confusing question.
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