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Looking for a hat pattern where the ribbing folds
I live in Texas and a co worker/ friend of mine doesn't have any heat in her car and I would like to make her a hat to keep her warm as she travels to and from work. I am a beginner knitter so patterns are going to have to be easy.
I am looking for a pattern where the ribbing folds up like it does when you make a hat with loom knitting. If the pattern comes as a set that would be even better but I really need a hat pattern because it is actually starting to get cold here.
My goal is for her to be able to keep her head and ears warm as she drives this winter. She is an older woman that looks after me and my family and this is my way of looking after her.She is 62 and I am 34 and I want to let her know that even though she has grown kids she was always have me.
Thanks in advance for helping me accomplish my goal by putting a smile on her face this winter!
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