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I'm just learning... actually, my mom began teaching me... so I do know just the beginnings of knitting. When she passed, I decided not to let the small knowledge I have disappear, so I began taking private knitting classes. I looked for a class in my area... nothing! Now, I go to the site for everything and I did purchase a video, but I need that one on one... I do use youtube for some guidance.
You knitters out there, keep it going... I wish I could just pick up a phone and call someone to help me. The directions for most of you are probably so easy- but boy, do I.
So, I do know I'm a continental knitter... and can do the basics... but I'm hungry for more. Hopefully, you can help me out .... Please don't laugh at my mundane questions.... They stump me and need a lot of help. So, knitters..... "Back at you!"
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