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Pattern that incorporates needle AND loom knitting
Hey everyone Haven't been on the forums for a day or two, I hope that everyone is doing well!
I'm in the process of moving, and I'm staying with my mom until Saturday. My little brother and sister are also here, and we all knit. My sister and I use needles, and my brother uses a loom (of course, because it's more masculine, or so I always thought). We all wanted to do a sort of knit-along, and I was wondering if anyone has a link to a pattern that incorporates both needle knitting and loom knitting. It can be a pattern that applies to both methods and would let us all make our own individual pieces, or a pattern that uses the loom for certain parts and needles for another (like an afghan that we could all contribute to and then seam together).

I ask because I am in no way familiar with loom knitting, so I wouldn't even know where to begin to create a pattern on my own.

Thanks in advance!
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