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Knitting In The Round Decrease CONFUSION
Hi new knitter here, I'm having trouble with my decreases in the round. I understand the concept, but there are a couple things that are throwing me. The first is that a lot of hat patterns say to knit an even or 'plain' round after each decrease. What's throwing me is this: Let's say I've cast on 80 st and am ready for my first decrease, so I have 8 sets of 10 st. So I k8 k2tog all the way around on the first decrease round. The next round is supposed to be knit plain and here's where my question comes in, and the source of my confusion. Do I mind the decrease and just knit another identical round of k8 k2tog with the same decrease, or do I break up my decrease and do 80 st again? I can't seem to find my answer anywhere please help!!!
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