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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by MGM View Post
I have never heard of tapestry crochet but I checked out that website mentioned above and there are quite a few videos there about it. It looks like it's just regular single crochet using a charted design, much like knitting a design into a piece. You carry the unused yarn across, stitching over it, until you need it again, then you pick it up and drop the other yarn.

I especially liked the video where she showed how to work only from the front of the design so the design had a definite front and back. I'm not sure I could crochet from left to right using my left hand though! I am so NOT ambidextrous!

Anyway, if anyone out there makes anything using this technique, please post a picture here so we can see it. I'd love to learn more about it.

HI there...Yep, that's what "intrigues" me..the only"work'' is on the front...I could never manage that!!!! Thank you, I will keep looking back here...

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