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Originally Posted by LStetz View Post
Dear Sue:

so how do i know that the starter kit i have is the correct on, or is that the one you are speaking of? or one on this list, i did read do not go smaller then size 8 with the dvd that i also got which did not come with the starter kit, it said that you want to start with a bigger needle, i have a 6 and a 8 needle the roll of yarn i did get is cron, one pound 4 ply is the wirstd weight,

no Dye lot yard, so is this ok?

The only thing a dye lot does is produces a slightly off color from another dye lot. Basically, when you dye stuff and do it all in one batch (so to say) it'll all look the same. Now, when you do another batch with the same exact color and all, it might look lighter or darker. There is a dyeing process that is used now, with manufacturers, that produces the same result on every batch. With that process, they don't list a dye lot. However, with the traditional way of dyeing things, they do, because the different batches can produce different results. Soo... for a beginner, dye lot will not affect how you knit- it'll only affect the color of the item.

Oh and welcome all newcomers!
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