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Yep, I'm new to all things knit
My name is Lesley and I right before Christmas that I was going to learn how to knit. So I bought a pair of needles, used some yarn I already had laying around (I've crocheted for years) and off I went to YouTube and the Internet for guidance. Since then I've knitted everyday. Sometimes for an hour, or sometimes for HOURS (like 8) at a time. I might have a project in mind (I've done 2 scarfs so far) or I might just be practicing. I've gone from trying to knit, to picking up purling, strait to cables and color work. I created my first pattern yesterday for a sleeve for my new Galaxy Tab slate that I got for Christmas... I'll make sure to post some pictures. I've gone from knowing nothing, to a little bit and wanting to tackle harder and harder projects in just a few weeks. I have to say my niece has been a ton of help. I don't know where she learned to knit, but I know I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without her! I'm looking forward to knitting my first pair of socks.

Besides knitting I'm a working mother of two teenagers and married. When I'm not running errands, at the gym or at work, I knit. Oh yeah, and every once in a while I go to school.
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