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What a sad turn of events....
Here I sit in a hospice, next to my best friend for the past 10 years. We had a long distance friendship, having met on the internet at a pet care website. She taught me to knit by phone and internet.

When her cancer returned and she started another round of chemo, she asked me to knit her a chemo cap, which I begrudgingly did for her. She's a master knitter, and I consider myself as either an advanced beginner or perhaps intermediate knitter. I was so intimidated by her skills that it was hard to knit that cap for her...and of course, for the reason I was knitting it. But knit it I did. I knit it when we thought she'd lose her hair, not die.

She's dying of cancer at 55 years old and was admitted to hospice 2 weeks ago. Her husband flew me here to MD (from CA) at her request to be with her as her friend, to teach me the things I want to learn before she can't teach anymore, and because I'm a nurse.

My friend is dying, my teacher is dying, and I'm so lost in the anticipatory grief of it tonight that I don't know where to turn.

Her name is Nancy. If those of you who pray could pray for a painless death for her, that will be very much appreciated.
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