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Having a bit of trouble
Hi guys. I'm having a bit of trouble with thisl pattern. The trouble is when I get to this row:

24th Row. K 1, * K 2 together, K 1, over, repeat from * 6 times, K 2 and increase. P 1 row, K 9 rows, P 1 row.

What I'm not understanding is, when it says over, do I simply yarn over and knit into the stitch? Or do I yarn over and do the next stitch? Does that make any sense? The thing is, if I do as it says and yarn over and knit 2 together, then I don't seem to come up with the right amount of stitches for the next row. If I yarn over and knit, it seems to come out right for a while, and then when I get further into the pattern, I have a lot of extra stitches. So, I truly don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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