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help with knitting pattern

I am really stuck with all this knitting jargon.
I really want to have a go at knitting a boob.
I have found a pattern but i have not a clue what it is going on about.

Any help will be greatly appriecated. Here is the pattern.....

Double knitting wool – flesh coloured – 1 ball (choose your flesh colour!)
similar but darker colour - 1 ball
Pair of 3 ¼ mm needles/UK size 10

Cast on 6 stitches for base of breast
1st row. Knit
2nd row K1 (m1 k1) to end. 11 st
3rd and every alt row to 15th row Purl
4th row K1 (m1 k1) to end. (21 st)
6th row K1 (m1 k2) to end. (31 st)
8th row k1 (m1 k3) to end. (41 st)
10th row K1 (m1 k4) to end. (51 st)
12th row K1 (m1 K5) to end. (61 st)
14th row K1 (m1 K6) to end (71 st)
15th row Knit
16th row Knit
17th row purl

Work, starting with a knit row, st st for 20 rows

38th row: K1, *K2 tog, K5, rep from * to end
39th and alternate rows: Purl
40th row: K1, *K2 tog, K4, rep from * to end
Continue to decrease in this way and after 3rd decrease change to darker wool to
make the areola.
Continue decreasing until the K1, *K2 tog, from * to end has been worked.
Nipple: st st 4 rows (see below for amendments).

Break yarn, thread through rem stitches, draw up and fasten off.
With work inside out, sew sides together but leave a gap for stuffing. Gather round cast on sts and sew seam.

In darker wool on the wrong side of work, make a draw-string stitch around the
base of the nipple, draw up and fasten off. If this stitch is drawn tightly it makes a
“Page 3” nipple. Drawing up less tightly makes a less prominent nipple.
Experiment to get the type you want. (Wish it were this easy in real life!) NB It is
good to have a variety of shapes and sizes, just as women do (very flat, very
small/large, inverted etc), so they can see that all can work!

Turn right side out and stuff. Close seam.

The things i dont understand i've made yellow .... most of it then..

Thank you Annabel
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