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Originally Posted by heatherg23 View Post
I found a link from a posting on this site so i thought I'd put it on this forum. The website is

They ask people to create 6inch by 9 inch blocks. Every 2-3 months they get a group of volunteers togethor to sew 49 of these blocks togethor to make Afgans. Then they deliver them to military hospitals. They have delivered over 1,000 Afgans there site says. They even made it on Fox News. There's a link to the article on their homepage in the top right corner.

The best thing about it is that there's no way I could make an entire blanket by myself and making 6 x 9 inch blocks is perfect.

Thanks for listening
That is SUCH an awsome Idea! Thank you so much for getting this started!
You should get millions of gold stars!!!!
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