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"Pulling cable out from between stitches" when knitting in the round?
Hello everyone. So, I've officially added knitting in the round on circular needles to my list of knitting skills (and I'm LOVING IT!!!!!). I am working on a hat for my first "in the round" project. It is a very very very simple hat - in fact, it's not a pattern, but an article about how to improvise a basic hat without a pattern.

So here's my question - it says that after I've begun decreasing and there are too few stitches on the cable to work with, I can either switch to DPN's, or I can "pull the cable from between the stitches". Since I am still new to circulars, I really would like to avoid DPN's. So how would I pull the cable from between the stitches? Here is the article:
The information I am talking about is step #6 in the article. I am using U.S. size 10 16" bamboo circulars. If I absolutely must switch to DPN's, that's fine, but if I don't have to, that would be great as well lol.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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