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I'm glad to hear that the cross-cultural crochet terms aren't throwing you off! That's great. But this chart is atrocious! Charts aren't difficult to read, but this one has to be one of the most confusing ones I've ever seen!

The main pattern looks like an 8-dc cluster (that has 4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) in the center of the cluster below it. Then there's a double crochet between each 8-dc cluster, but what really confuses me are the dotted lines on the right side and what to do when you turn!! Based on the atrocious chart, it looks like after you make the last 8-dc cluster in a row, you single crochet in the last stitch. But that would seem to make the rows uneven on either end. So instead of doing a single crochet as last stitch on the row, dc in last stitch, turn your work, chain three (for first dc), and start with the 8-dc cluster in next cluster again?

Perhaps try this and see if it works.
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