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Originally Posted by thisisme7899 View Post
HI! My name is Moriah and I have a place in my heart for strays and foster children. My family takes care of foster babies, and I was also born into foster care, not for long, but... yea. I almost got my mom to let us try fostering dogs, but that might be more painful then the foster babies. So, I decided, why not knit for strays? Most animal shelters will probably be cool with it! After all, most of the animals sleep on the floor since animal shelters don't have money to buy animal beds! So, Please! Please! Please! Pleeeaseee help me by making animal beds for the animals. This book called "Ghost dog secrets" by Peg Kehret has a cat blanket pattern in the very back. I make this bigger to make a dog bed. I have made several now, and would looooove help!!!!! all you really have to do is decide how many stitches to cast on, and then knit each row in "garter stitch" and do this until you reach desired length. any one in?
Do you want it in "pattern"?...

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