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Crochet Symbols instead of abbr. codes
Ah, I didn't expect Norwegian crochet symbols to be different from the symbols I knew. (I think Japan has kind of set the standard on crochet symbols from what I've 'heard.' Their patterns seem to be exclusively in symbols. No matter, I find it as easily to translate as UK to US.

International symbol chart:

DROPS' notes on symbols:

(valley) V sl st (US symbol dot or solid oval)

(line) ch (US symbol hollow oval)

(Tall T) T dc (US sc, symbol x or +, note no yo at start.)

(vertical bar) | tr (US dc, symbol T 1 slash indicating one yarn over YO to start the stitch.)

(Vertical bar,
1 crossing) | dtr (US tr, symbol T with 2 slash, indicating two YO to start st)

The good news is that there is a written pattern right above the diagram. Oh, no. I see it is only the stating three rounds and then it says to follow the M.1 diagram.

Pattern and diagram on DROPS:
Here is how I'd translate the M1 diagram using US crochet abbreviations.

Round 4: sl st to middle of next ch 3 space (sp), ch3 (counts as DC between shells), *now work 3 dc, ch, 3 dc all in next ch3 sp (one shell complete), dc in next ch3 sp, repeat from * 62 more times around, (3 dc, ch, 3 dc) all in last ch3 sp, sl st to top of starting ch 3.

Round 5 & 6: ch 3, *(3 dc, ch, 3 dc) all in top of ch space of next shell, dc in top of dc, Repeat from * 62 more times, (3dc, ch, 3dc) in last ch3 sp, sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 7 & 8 only differ with the shells being (4 dc, ch, 4 dc) all in ch spc of next shell.

Round 9 adds to the ch sp in the shell: (4 dc, 2 ch, 4 dc) all in ch spc of next shell.

Round 10, 11, 12 changes to tr treble crochet US shells: so start of with ch 4 (as your first tr between shells) and each shell is (4 tr, 2 ch, 4 tr) all in ch sp of next shell of previous row and uses tr in top of next dc in previous row.

If you'd like more detail on rows 7 to 12, just ask and I'll send it via PM.
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