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So confused on pattern total newbie!
I have been using "the complete idiots guide to knitting" to learn to knit along with this site to see the videos. Now I am at my first project ( a hat) and I am confused. Could you help?
Here is what is says

Co 56 sts leaving a 16in tail (got that)

row 1 knit all sts and cont. knitting all rows until 2 inches (got it)

change to stockinette stitch til total of 7 inches (got it)

but this is where I get confused

cast off (got it)
bind off and cut yarn leaving a 12 inch tail

Change to stockinette stitch cont until the piece measures 11 inches from the foundation row to the top
bind off and leave a 12 inch tail

So do I somehow use my cast off row and start the stockinette stitch? Or do you think this is just a miss print. I am using the ereader version of the book!
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