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Originally Posted by TrueIconoclast View Post
he says that when I really start to get into it
the bed shakes like there's an earthquake
from me throwing the yarn...

I never get joint pain (I'm 20),
but I want to lessen the damage as much as possible
so that I don't have to give up knitting
when I get older from arthritis.
I've done that too! My poor husband... teehee.

I'm 23 and just now started having incredible pain my elbow and shoulder from knitting too much (RSI-Repetitive Stress Injury). I also knit the English way, "throwing the yarn", because it's easier for me. I've also tried Continental but it didn't stick because I was so used to the other way. I heard that the Continental method is easier on the joints. So after I finish my socks I'm going to change over. I've been knitting since I was 6, so hopefully I won't have to give up knitting - what else will I do in my spare time?

The Continental method is also more fluid and once you get the hang of it, takes less time to make the stitches.
Like others have said, take a few weeks and try it. You won't know how you like it until you've tried!
Good luck!
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