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Originally Posted by TrueIconoclast View Post
Hello everyone. My brother, sister, mom and I are knitting for the homeless this year, and when we're done (around September), we are going to go and turn in all of our items into the homeless shelters. What I am asking for are some patterns that you guys might know of that are warm, quick to knit, and possibly take up very little yardage so that I can mass produce them (although that's a far stretch, so it's not required lol). Also, patterns that are easy to memorize are appreciated as well. Some of the things I am looking for are:
Mittens/gloves (even fingerless work, but I like the fingerless gloves that have the little pouch at the top that you slip over your fingers that turns the gloves into mitttens)
Leg warmers
Arm warmers
Body warmers
Facewarmers (I guess like ski masks)
Any other warm items that you can think of that comes in handy (especially those of you that are living on the east coast, or north west coast)

We'll be donating in southern California, and although some people might not think it gets too cold down here, if you spend one night in a tent in Los Angeles county, you'll see how the cold is a problem for these homeless people. I can't do much to help them, but at the very least I would like to keep them from freezing and give them a warm night's sleep.

I can use straight needles and circulars, and DPN's to a point (my experience is limited to finishing hats on DPN's, but I'm sure I can learn if the pattern is functional enough). My sister has the same skills, my mom only uses straight needles for now, and my brother is using looms at this point (he has 3 of the hat looms and the straight loom).

Thanks for much for all of your help! I really appreciate it!

THANK YOU!!! U ROCK!!!! here, I hope these websites help!
this next one is all for mittens/gloves!:
this next one is all for scarves and cowls!:
this one also!:
This one v is for hats!!!:
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