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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
For some people. Your picture and chart confuse my brain!
It's still much easier to work the chart IN COLOR than the original black-n-white.
Coloring the symbols makes them stand out.

BTW: the partial KEY and partial CHART that I posted was, by far, the most challenging, crazy, complex charted design I've EVER worked or ever seen. If it weren't for the color-coding I did, I would have gone NUTS. I've never seen so many different symbols in a KEY before.

Maybe my color-coded chart still looks confusing to you because you're not a chart knitter in the first place. If you ever change your mind, or if you ever get your back up against the wall and are forced to either knit by the chart or call it quits, use the color coding to color your chart symbols. I'd be happy to help you on it. With all the help you give people every single day, you deserve some pay back!
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