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Animal pet snuggles!!
There is a pattern I found for making animal beds. Plz try making this and send the pattern to others! Spread the love for animals without a home!

10 knitting needles
Worsted weight yarn
Eyelash yarn

Models were made with Lions Brand "Homespun" worsted weight yarn and "Fun Fur" eyelash yarn.

This pattern is an adaptation of the Easy Knit Snuggle Pattern.

Work with both yarns together. Cast on as many stitches as you will need for your particular size Snuggle. Then simply knit every row.

This pattern becomes more fun as you progress. It works up very fast. The resulting Snuggle is both a toy and a security mat giving its owner lots of hours of enjoyment.

When you are done, Donate to a local animal shelter or I will be giving more choices later!
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