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Originally Posted by crazykntter83 View Post
I will have to try it when I get home....right now we're at my girlfriend's Mom's house waiting out the storm because we're afraid that we'll lose power. We also have a heater that doesn't heat our apartment too well. Her Mom's house has an excellent heater and a fireplace, so either way it goes, we won't be freezing to death!
You'll have to stay through Wednesday. Plenty time to buy food, it's not supposed to hit till early AM. I guess you don't go barefoot in your apartment the way I do.

You're just north of my friend in Moore, OK.

Some people use a webcam, others find it's easier with someone filming them. The most important things are good lighting and good closeup shots. And I see most people use large needles and bright yarn to show each stitch, or even a new color to show the current row.
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